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Choosing the Right Helicopter Broker Can Make or Break Your Deal

Thank you to Aviation Business Daily Newspaper for running this great article about Cannon Aviation Group as a part of their Heliexpo 2014 show coverage.

Choosing the Right Helicopter Broker Can Make or Break Your Deal

Anaheim, CA, for immediate release:

Imagine you’re in the middle of a helicopter transaction, and the deal is past the point of no return when something beyond your control goes terribly wrong. Suddenly your dream deal has turned into a nightmare, and you can’t see any way to proceed.

"Scenarios like the one above happen more often than you think,” explains Scott Cannon, President of Cannon Aviation Group, Inc., a Texas based company that sells turbine helicopters around the world. “You can get in over your head fast in aviation, not only when you’re behind the controls, but before you even take possession of the aircraft. My passion is not only flying, but successfully overcoming the many challenges and obstacles our clients often face when buying or selling an aircraft. In the last year we’ve had several new clients come to us when they had deals that were on the verge of collapse, yet were in need of an aircraft right away. Fortunately with our experienced staff, we were able to get things back on track and in some instances renegotiate a transaction with better terms or a better aircraft.”

In one such case, an U.S. owner had arranged his own deal with a purchaser in Asia on his Twin Engine Bell helicopter. The helicopter was disassembled on the hangar floor when it became clear that the export process had hit a dead end. Cannon Aviation Group, Inc. was able to step in and arrange a new deal with improved terms for the parties, which closed promptly.

A few weeks later Cannon took another call from a frustrated purchaser who was attempting to purchase a twin engine Eurocopter from the United Kingdom when he ran into some contractual deal breakers. The purchaser realized he needed a higher caliber of representation and made the call to Cannon at the recommendation of another satisfied Cannon client. Cannon immediately began to walk the respective attorneys towards a mutually beneficial Purchase/Sale Contract. Not only did Cannon Aviation Group, Inc. handle the contract negotiations and export arrangements, they also organized the disassembly, packing, air freight shipping from England to New York, and reassembly in the US. The transaction went from “Dead Deal to Done Deal” without the new owner having to worry about any of the details.

Handling difficult problems is what sets Cannon Aviation Group, Inc. apart from mere brokers. The best way to avoid nightmare situations like the ones above is to work with the helicopter experts on the Cannon team right from the start. Put your mind at ease knowing you can trust these specialized professionals, who have successfully completed hundreds of transactions in over 40 countries.

Cannon Aviation Group, Inc. is enthusiastically ready to sell your aircraft for you, or help you purchase your next helicopter. Even if they aren’t advertising the model you need, they can source immediately available off market aircraft for you, through their extensive network of contacts with owners around the world.

For more information, visit Cannon Aviation Group in Heli-Expo Booth #5004. Or contact them at or 512-868-0007.


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